Bizarre Oddities: Beware Of What You Eat And Drink, You May Be Unknowing Worshiping Satan?

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  • Bizarre Oddities: Beware Of What You Eat And Drink, You May Be Unknowing Worshiping Satan?
    Satanic Marks On Energy Drinks?

    By Jack Allen

    Shocking and interesting claims below. We know that in music, movies and other entertainment you sometimes see Satanic symbolism and branding. But have you ever paid attention to the markings on your food? Do you really know what is really in your food or what kind of person has access to food production?

    Video: The Kosher Seal Revealed

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    Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 4.50.38 PM

    Bizarre Oddities: Aborted Fetal Cells In Products And Vaccines – Harvesting Fetal Baby Parts

    No More Aborted Fetal Cells In Your Pepsi, Other Corporations including Coca-Cola pull sponsorship of Planned Parenthood

    Horrifying News – Aborted Fetuses Used As Fuel – Soylent Green Powering UK Hospitals

    Not Syfy, Breeding People Like Cattle For Food, Flavoring And Other Things

    The following Video is some what questionable. You be the judge.

    The person claiming to be Rabbi Abe Finkelstein stated the following in the video.

    We steal a hundred to three hundred thousand children a year, just here in this country and we drain their blood and we mix it with the passover bread and then we throw the bodies into the slaughter houses that we own and we grind up all the bodies into sausages and hamburgers, McDonalds is one of our favourite outlets and the people, they eat it them for breakfast they eat them for lunch.

    Video Below: Jewish Ritual Of Circumcision Is Spreading Disease And Killing Babies.
    I find it sickening that most food in the United States is now marked with a “U”,”K” meaning it is Kosher. So that means someone that performs the Ritual of sucking the blood from a baby boy’s penis is also around the food you eat if you do buy Kosher marked foods. I avoid all Kosher myself and I look close for the marks because they can some times be hidden or very small print is used.

    Below Satanic Branding Of Energy Drinks, very strange!




    By Mike King 

    The cryptic fixation with Satanic / occult symbolism has been a feature of western culture for some time now. The all-seeing eye, the pyramid, the “number of the beast” 6-6-6, the pentagram / tilted 5-point star, Bhapomet the bullhead dark deity, and more. 


    1 & 2 – Baphomet, pentagram, illuminated eye & pyramid, 6-6-6 — all part of the New World Order’s symbolism. 

    3- D-Day (Devil’s Day? aka Operation ‘OverLord’) was launched at 6 AM on the 6th day of the 6th month of 1944. 


    Whether the hidden homage to the Evil One is metaphorically based, or whether it represents the actual practice of Satan worship, is a difference without a distinction. Either way, the demented lunatics lording over us are sick and twisted souls who, through their influence over the media and advertising world, enjoy throwing their demonic symbols and numerology in our collective faces. Here is just a very limited sampling of the incredible evil placed right under our noses:


    Open your eyes — Satanic symbolism is everywhere.


    There’s something about Chicago. It is where the American Communist Party was established in 1919. The Church of Satan was founded in 1966 by Chicagoan Anton Levay.

    1- The ominous-looking Willis Tower in Chicago (fka Sears Tower) is s fitted with what appear to be devil horn antennas. The tower is located in Zip Code 60606.(here)

    2 & 3- The famous ‘Route 66‘ runs from Chicago to Los Angeles.

    4 – The Chicago Bulls basketball team has Baphomet for a logo.


    1 & 2- The mascot for Chicago’s DePaul University is the ‘Blue Demon’ — and it is a Catholic School!

     3- In 1989, a Chicago Jewish woman and abuse victim named Vicki Polin warned the stunned audience of the Oprah Winfrey Show about a network of infant-sacrificing Jewish Satanists operating in the Chicago area. (here) Might the elite Chicago Jews who imposed the evil Obama on America have been involved with these activities?


    We only recently learned of the in-your-face Lucifer / Satan worship of Monster Energy Drink. By pulling on this loose thread, Sugar the Cat and your intrepid researcher here then discovered that it is not just the Monster brand that glorifies ‘the dark side”; but many other energy drinks as well. What the ‘hell’ (pun intended) is going on here? Let’s review what we know about Monster, and then have a look at the other Satanic brands as well.

    There can be no doubt — the three repeated images on a can of Monster are the Hebrew numbers 6 – 6 – 6 (vav vav vav) — “the mark of the beast”. The slogan “Unleash the Beast” refers to Satan (referred to as ‘The Beast’ in the Book of Revelations). The ‘O’ in Monster also has a crucifix inside of it. So, when you drink the liquid, Christ is turned upside down — which is what a “peace sign really is, by the way. The “Monster” is Satan! Get it?


    1 & 2: When you drink Monster from the can or pour into a glass, the cross gets turned updise down — just like a “peace sign”   

    3: Satanic Church in Columbia features bull-demon-deity Baphomet and upsode crosses.
    Hell Energy Drink, made in Hungary, uses the slogan: “Gives you power like hell.” (here) Need we say more?

    Hell on wheels!
    Red Devil Energy Drink — not hard to figure this one out!

    Blue Demon Energy Drink, made in Argentina– not hard to figure this one out either!


    Burn Energy Drink is distributed by Monster Beverage of 6-6-6 fame. Burn in hell. Get it?


    Can the imagery possibly be more obvious?

    Full Throttle, with flames on the can that appear like Baphomet horns. Available in “Blue Demon” flavor too (not to be confused with Blue Demon from Argentina.) Tell it Church Lady!

    Is that a pitchfork too?
    Demon Energy Drink, also with an upside-down crucifix and 5-pointed star on the can.

    “No limits — no laws.”,000021b6bed2e523

    Q Fire Energy Drink. On its own, this name brand wouldn’t prove anything. But the constant themes of fire and burning and hell and demons associated with these energy drinks suggest that Q Fire also contains a hidden meaning.


    It could be, Church Lady. It could be.
    Fire Power Energy Drink also depicts the flames of hell, maybe. Is this one Satanic? We think so. Let’s call it a 50-50

    Rock Star Energy Drink. Satanic five point star? Or just a regular star with an innocent meaning? The angled tilt of the star is what gives it away. Given what we know for sure about the other energy drinks, we are 90% certain about this pentagram being Satanically themed.


    Note the leftward tilt of the star on the can.

    Joker Energy Drink. That’s no joker on the can! Hit it Church Lady.

    O MG stands for “Oh My God” — that “god” being … ?
    Skull Energy Drink — made in Sweden. “Wake up the dead”, reads the slogan!
    No Fear Energy Drink — more skulls and death, with a flavor called “Bloodshot.”
    Red Bull Energy Drink, as in Baphomet? Note the clear Satanic imagery of the bull when enlarged and turned around (below).

    The Red Bull are Red demons!
    Cowboy Up Energy Drink. The logo is the skull of Baphomet — no doubt on this one!

    Compare the drink logo for ‘Cowboy Up’ to the bull skull demon that the witch Beyonce is displaying. Almost a perfect match. 
    Carabou Energy Drink — made in Columbia. Baphomet all the way!

    Image 2: New Satanic statue unveiled in Detroit
    Who’s Your Daddy Energy Drink with the 5-point red star on the can. Who are they referring to as “Daddy”, eh? Cue Church Lady in 3…2…1…

    Freek Energy Drink features a deminic-looking skull logo and the slogan, “Evil Energy”. This one is a no-brainer.

    Rienergy Energy Drink — the eye of the Illuminati. 
    The eye of horus is on the can — Lady Gaga in image 3.

    Venom Energy Drink. The one-eye logo just screams out death and evil. Flavors include “Killer Taipan” and “Death Adder”. Who would want to drink “venom” anyway? In the Bible, the snake represents the Devil.

    Buffalo Energy Drink = Baphomet Energy Drink.

    The ‘Buffalo’ appears to have a star on his head too.

    Kabbalah Energy Drink — named after the same Jewish Occult movement that Satanic Madonna is linked to. Notice Baphomet’s horns on the can. This one ties the whole energy drink mystery together!


    Images of five point stars, horns, bulls, flames, devils, skulls, 6-6-6, — references to death, evil energy, rage, monsters, psychos, maniacs, demons, snakes, hell and “Who’s your daddy?” 

    — someone is really having a sick kind of fun with the marketing of these energy drinks!

    M-150 Energy Drink — with the Star of David in your face.


    Might the ‘M’ stand for Mossad?


    The caffeine-loaded drinks with a Satanic twist are very popular with  children; and the long-term risk to their souls may be even greater than the risk to their physical health.

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