Bizarre Oddities: NASA Exposed, Bans The Word ‘Jesus’ – Obama And His Appointee Charlie Bolton Destroying NASA

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  • Bizarre Oddities: NASA Exposed, Bans The Word ‘Jesus’ – Obama And His Appointee Charlie Bolton Destroying NASA

    Obama Destroying NASA And The USA
    Obama Destroying NASA And The USA

    To Boldly Go Nowhere: Obama’s Fight to Kill NASA

    by Jeff Davis

    The Times of London reports: “NASA has begun to wind down construction of the rockets and spacecraft that were to have taken astronauts back to the Moon — effectively dismantling the US human spaceflight programme despite a congressional ban on its doing so. Legislators have accused President Obama’s Administration of contriving to slip the termination of the Constellation programme through the back door to avoid a battle on Capitol Hill.”

    Astronauts who walked on the moon.

    A space program is something that an advanced First World nation would have. The United States however is rapidly turning into a Third World nation. We have our first Third World president squatting in the Oval Office, who wants to kill off our space program to shift money to support that growing burden caused by 100 million Third World people in the US.

    The Times goes on: “Constellation aimed to build upon what was arguably America’s greatest technological achievement, the first lunar landing of 1969, by launching new expeditions to the Moon and to Mars and worlds beyond. Mr Obama proposed in February that it should be scrapped because it was over budget, behind schedule and lacking in innovation, but he has met opposition in Congress, which has yet to approve his plan.The head of NASA, Major-General Charlie Bolden — an Obama appointee — has now written to aerospace contractors telling them to cut back immediately on Constellation-related projects costing almost $1 billion (£690 million), to comply with regulations requiring them to budget for possible contract termination costs. The move has been branded a disingenuous legal manoeuvre and referred to NASA’s inspector-general for investigation. ‘It’s bordering on arrogance by the Administration to boldly and brazenly go forward with this approach. It shows a blatant disregard for Congress,’ said the Republican Congressman Rob Bishop, of Utah, whose constituency stands to lose thousands of jobs.”

    We’re in the middle of a Depression and we don’t need to be losing any more high tech jobs. The original mission to the moon helped pioneer a variety of new technology from compact computers to camcorders to Tang. The invention of the compact computer led to the whole PC industry, the software industry and the Internet.

    A mission back to the moon and/or mars could easily create even more high technology that could ultimately help the economy.

    The article notes “Two weeks ago the Senate passed legislation that compels NASA to continue work on Constellation unless Congress directs otherwise. That legislation is due to be signed into law by Mr Obama this month while Congress continues its deliberations over his proposal to cancel the current space space progamme.”

    I guess that’s one way to pay for Obamacare.

    Liberals and Democrats have never been comfortable with the space program. It’s way too much of a “White thing.” The more they try to shoehorn quota-hire Blacks and Latinos into the space program, the more we start crashing space probes. NASA needs to be competent enough to accomplish its mission without barbecuing astronauts during reentry or plunging billion dollar lawn darts into the surface of mars.

    The space program has also always been one of the proudest achievements of the Old America, the one run by White people. We obviously can’t have a government program that allows White people, many of them “the hated White males” to shine. The Democrats are spending money right, left and center like drunken sailors to bail out banks and to stimulate the economy, but apparently when it comes to exploring the universe around us in the name of all humanity, the cupboard is bare. What pathetic easily-forgotten historical pygmies, they are!
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