Human Rights Advocate Ken O´Keefe Calls Bernie Sanders A Fu#king Zionist! Donald Trump Is The Best Option

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    Just Like One Of Stalin's Mass Murdering Bolshevik Jews Or A Crazed Supporter Of The Mass Murdering State Of Israel? Bernie Sanders may pass himself off as a "Democratic Socialist" these days, but he has a long history of apologizing for the 20th century's worst communist thugs. Until Bernie's improbable presidential bid, this level of absurd apologia only existed on college campuses. Now, Bernie's taking it to the masses.

    Ken O’ Keefe delivers an inspiring and empowering talk at OMC titled ‘My Voyage From US Marine Gulf War Veteran to Human Rights Activist.’

    Only an insane person would vote for a Jewish Communist the biggest mass murderers of all time or even vote for someone that backs the mass murdering State Of Israel as they continue to engage in Crimes Against Humanity

    Video Below: Israel is a psycho state – Ken O’Keefe

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