Kim Jong-Un Obama Gloats That Americans Are Forced To Enroll In Socialist Obamacare Against Their Will

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  • Only in a totalitarian regime does the President celebrate millions of Americans forced to enroll in Obamacare against their will

    Mike Adams
    Natural News
    April 2, 2014

    President Obama gloated today over the obedience of millions of Americans who were forced under penalty of law to purchase overpriced health insurance that benefits Big Pharma and the sick-care industry. Claiming 7.1 million enrollees — a number so wildly fabricated that it generated bouts of laughter from those in the know — Obama accused critics of the forced government mandate of “trying to scare people” away from getting health insurance.

    Image: Barack Obama (Wiki Commons).

    Obama’s celebration of Obamacare is politically equivalent to Kim Jong-Un celebrating how many people in North Korea praise him when required to do so in his presence. It’s the moral equivalent of a Venezuelan socialist election where if you vote for the tyrant in charge, you get a free lunch; but if you vote for the opposition, you get a bullet to the head. Obamacare’s “victory” is the philosophical equivalent of every dictator who has ever shoved a gun in the faces of helpless citizens and told them to swear their allegiance to him. Only in a totalitarian regime does the President celebrate millions of people being forced into compliance and call it a “victory.” The very idea is morally repugnant and wholly anti-American.

    If you’re forced to do it, then it’s not really a free choice, is it?

    It reminds me of those police-run roadside blood-draw checkpoints where drivers are waived to the curb by gun-toting police and told they need to “volunteer” to have their blood drawn without a warrant. According to the police, these checkpoints are a huge success because there are “so many volunteers!” Gee, do they really think all these people would agree to have their blood drawn if there wasn’t the implied threat of guns in their faces?

    If millions of people had been given a free choice and voluntarily chosen Obamacare health insurance, that would be a genuine victory worth celebrating. But for Obama to celebrate a forced, penalty-ridden government mandate shoved down the throats of the People is a violation of the basic tenants of human freedom. With this program, Obama joins every other tyrant in history that threw people in chains for daring to think for themselves and oppose a forced government program. Gandhi himself would have resisted Obamacare and marched on the national capitol to oppose it en masse.

    Enrollment surge proves the power of fear and force to push people to reluctant action

    The last-minute surge in enrollment at was, of course, little more than a fear surge by people scared they might be penalized or audited by the IRS if they don’t conform to the mandates of the dictator. When millions of people agree to enroll in something only when they are forced under penalty of law to do so, only a true political coward (or tyrant) could characterize it as a victory.

    What we are really witnessing with Obamacare is a national disgrace: a totalitarian government forcing people to buy into a failed health care system that’s so destructive, it kills 205 Americans every single day from superbug infections alone. And while the promise was that Obamacare would cost you about the same as a mobile phone bill, that promise was yet another gross deception pushed onto the American people. In reality, families are paying thousands of dollars a year for basic coverage, pushing many household into a state of financial crisis while bankrupting businesses and municipalities in the process.

    Obamacare insurance premiums are costing people MORE money, not less, so now Obama has switched his rhetoric to claiming Obamacare is causing health insurance premiums to rise less quickly than they would otherwise. How’s that for political sleight-of-hand trickery? Yes, your rates are going up under Obamacare, and yes, you are forced to buy these products even if you don’t want them and don’t use them, but somehow Obama claims he’s protecting you by making you do all this against your will.

    If Obamacare is a success because so many people were forced to buy into it, then by the same token Hitler’s rounding up of Jews at gunpoint was also a huge success — they went along with it, didn’t they? So it must be popular, according to Obama’s twisted logic. And if it’s popular, then it must be morally right, too, say socialists. Because they believe 51% of the people have some sort of universal right to enslave the other 49% in total violation of human rights, civil liberties and fundamental human freedom. The limits of government be damned… Obama’s gonna call this program a huge success even if the “applause” lights are accompanied by men with machine guns enforcing the command.

    Along these same lines, here’s a video of North Korean citizens crying at gunpoint over the death of Kim Jong-Il, the tyrant socialist dictator who uses government force and mandates to demand obedience:

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