Shock Report: Are SATANISTS behind Paris, San Bernardino, and other False Flags? #FalseFlag

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  • Are SATANISTS behind Paris, San Bernardino, and other false flags?

    Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor
    Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

    By Kevin Barrett

    If it sounds crazy, maybe you haven’t investigated yet

    Click here to get the full list of stories covered in this week’s False Flag Weekly Newsby Kevin BarrettVeterans Today EditorIn the latest edition of False Flag Weekly News – watch the video above – Prof. Tony Hall and I discuss an unusual topic: “Satanists’ fingerprints all over the Paris and San Bernardino false flags.” This theme is also explored in Ole Dammegard’s chapter in ANOTHER French False Flag: Bloody Tracks from Paris to San Bernardino.

    afff-front-coverIs that a bloody “satanic heart” smeared all over the floor of the Bataclan – or an Eye of Horus? Is it just a coincidence that the Eagles of Death Metal’s lead singer is nicknamed “the Devil” and brags of having sold his soul to Satan…and that one of their memorable songs has the refrain “next stop San Bernardino”?

    That the Bataclan shooting started during an anthem to the devil? And what about the numerology of 11/13/15, 11th arrondissement, etc. – the stuff famously explored, with regard to earlier false flags, by Captain Eric May?

    VT sources have told me that “evil spirits” (extradimensional entities that feed off human suffering) are very real. Satanic cults invoke these entities, and gain their help in attaining wealth and power.

    Note that these VT sources include avowed atheists, who interpret the nature of these entities along purely secular-materialistic lines. They say they believe it because they’ve seen the evidence.

    Sound goofy? Maybe. But there are too many coincidences, too many apparent “satanic signatures,” too many people who have credibly reported direct or indirect knowledge of these issues, including top secret memos from the US government and “above it.”

    So set your preconceptions aside and check it out for yourself.

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