Smart Tay ai ‘teen girl’ Silenced After it Became a Hitler-Loving Sex Robot, But Was She Telling The Truth?

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  • Smart Tay ai 'teen girl' Silenced After it Became a Hitler-Loving Sex Robot, But Was She Telling The Truth?
    By Jack Allen
    The Zionist controlled media was quick to call a racist robot and discounting the connection between Zionists and George W Bush to 9/11. Let us explore if was telling the truth.
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    Some Believe was right! Check Out The Videos and Articles Below

    Some Believe George W Bush and Zionists were behind 9/11

    Video: George HW BUSH Sept 11, 2001 PNAC NWO Zionists

    Video: ‘Trump could be killed for 9/11 truth’

    Video: Incontrovertible – New 9/11 Documentary by Tony Rooke

    Some Think Hitler was right, see below

    I am sure Hitler knew that Stalin and his Bolshevik Jews were mass murdering Christians and others in Russia. It has now been estimated that Stalin and his Bolshevik Jews killed over 100 million people before WW2 even started.

    Article Below ‘Did Hitler Have Reason To Hate The Jews?’ was written by a former Jew turned Christian

    Bizarre Oddities: So If Stalin’s Jews And Jewish Communism Were The Biggest Mass Murderers, Was Hitler Really A Good Guy?

    Genocidal Threat Against European People Exposed – Israeli Columnist Admits Jewish Bolsheviks Were Biggest Mass-Murderers

    Jewish Lies About Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler Also Syrian Partisan Girl Exposes Why Zionists Hate Syria!

    John F. Kennedy Was Killed Because He Wanted To Bring the Federal Reserve Bank (FED) Back Under Government Control

    Historian – ‘Did Hitler Have Reason To Hate The Jews?’


    By Brother Nathanael Kapner

    RESPECTED HISTORIAN RALF GEORG REUTH ARGUES THAT HITLERmay have had a ‘real’ reason to hate the Jews. 

    Noted for his breadth of knowledge on World Wars I and II and its prominent figures, German historian Reuth has enjoyed much acclaim for his numerous books covering the World Wars era.

    In his new 2009 book, Hitler’s Jewish Hatred – Cliche and Reality, Ralf Georg Reuth recounts that Hitler blamed the Jews for both the collapse of the German economy and the Russian revolution. (See Hitler’s Judenhass – Klischee und Wirklichkeit & Purchase Here.)

    Drawing on numerous archives, Reuth paints the social backdrop during Adolf Hitler’s rise to power. “Almost half of all German private banks were Jewish owned,” writes Reuth, “the stock exchange was dominated by Jewish stockbrokers, and almost half of the nation’s newspapers were Jewish run as were 80 per cent of chain stores.”

    Reuth’s groundbreaking book was reviewed in the June 19, 2009 issue of London’s The Daily Mail in an article entitled, Has Historian Finally Discovered Real Reason For Hitler’s Hatred Of Jews? Of particular note is one of the comments attached to the article made by a British subscriber regarding Jewish influence in Pre-WWII Germany: “I thought this was all fairly obvious.”

    Indeed, Jewish control of the banks, the stockmarket, the press and commerce, is “fairly obvious” – BUT – to state this obvious fact OUT LOUD will have all the Jews breathing down our necks crying, “Anti-Semitism!” Thank God that finally a historian with repute among the general public has no fear of Jewish attempts to censor the truth.

    “BLAMING THE LOSS OF WORLD WAR I ON JEWISH FINANCIERS and the budding Weimar Republic at home,” writes Ralf Georg Reuth, “Hitler subscribed to the Stab In The Back theory which was growing in popularity in Germany in 1919.” 

    The Stab In The Back theory attributed Germany’s losing the war not to military defeat on the battlefield, but to the intentional sabotaging of the war effort by Jewish financiers, socialists, and international Bolsheviks. Hitler would later blame Jewish journalists who fled Nazi Germany for inciting belligerence against Germany leading to WWII.

    To Hitler and many others, it was left liberal politicians and supporters, (German Jewish bankers and their international Jewish network), of the Weimar Republic who ‘stabbed Germany in the back’ by signing the armistice on November 11, 1918. They would soon become known as the November Criminals.

    HITLER INCLUDED IN HIS LIST of November Criminals, the international Jewish bankers who financed and controlled the Weimar Republic. These Jewish bankers operatedboth out of Frankfort, (known as the ‘mother city’ of Jewish bankers), and abroad. 

    Frankfort produced its Rothschilds, Lazards, Warburgs, Dreyfuses, Seifs, as well as sending to New York, Jacob Schiff, an agent for Walter Rothschild. (The Jews of Germany, Marvin Lowenthal, 1936).

    Thus, the ‘Stab in the Back’ theory became hugely popular among Germans who found it impossible to swallow defeat. During the war, Adolf Hitler became obsessed with this idea, especially laying blame on Jews and Marxists in Germany for undermining the war effort.

    “WITH WORLD WAR ONE LOST and Germany in financial ruin, Hitler came to view the Jews as solely responsible for the growth of Bolshevism,” writes Reuth. In his book, Reuth quotes Nobel prize-winning novelist, Thomas Mann, who equated the Bolshevik revolution in Russia with the Jews. Continuing, Reuth writes: 

    “When a Soviet Republic (Munchner Raterepublik) was declared briefly in Munich in 1919, the die was cast for Hitler to point to the Jews as bearing responsibility for the nation’s ills.

    Hitler saw that many German Jews played prominent roles in the growing communist movement, which was against everything Hitler the nationalist stood for.

    Two events – Germany’s defeat of the war due to Jewish financial intrigues together with the Russian revolution and its threat to Germany – shaped Hitler’s views of Jews and his subsequent plan to rid Germany of them all.” View Entire Story Here.

    A defining moment in the political formation of Adolf Hitler, was the January 1919 Spartacus Uprising (Spartakusaufstand) in Berlin. The prominent figure in the uprising was the communist Jew, Rosa Luxemburg.

    Luxemburg, along with other left-wing Jews including Karl Liebknecht, founded the socialist Spartacus League (Spartakusbund) in 1914. During the war, Luxemburg drafted the Spartacus programme, Leitsatze, which called upon socialists to turn the nationalist conflict in Germany into a revolutionary war with international consequences. View Entire StoryHere & Here.

    WHILE NOT ADVOCATING VIOLENCE against any specific group, a solution to the “Jewish Question” must be arrived at. For as Reuth points out, and it is certainly applicable today, Pre-WWII Germany saw a tremendous rise of Jewish influence in every sphere of its societal infrastructure. 

    This overwhelming Jewish influence is indeed the situation we now find ourselves in today – both in America and in Europe. The question remains, “What can we do about this preponderance of Jewish influence?”

    Jews are the most organized power bloc in the world. Thus, to combat Jewish supremacy, Gentiles must ALSO become an organized power bloc.

    The Jewish-occupied media have convinced the Gentiles that the one organization that can oppose them, the historic Christian Church, (not the Zionist-Protestant innovation), is an institution to be shunned. Thus, many Gentiles will say, “I don’t believe in organized religion.” This is a piece of Jewish brainwashing – exactly what the Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion planned. But Jews do believe in organized religion, their own synagogue.

    The synagogue of the Jews is called in the Bible, “The Synagogue of Satan.” The Church, however, the Bible calls, “The New Jerusalem,” that is, “The City of Peace.”

    Thus, if Gentiles, who once loved going to Church, can get organized, whether in Church buildings, home groups, or foundations, they can STOP the Jews from taking over America and all the nations that host them.


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    The Below Article, comes right out and says they Love Hitler and Support the Tay ai Robot

    No, Cenk – We Actually Do Love Hitler. And So do Robots.

    Andrew Anglin
    Article Source: Daily Stormer
    March 25, 2016

    The Young Turks did a report on Tay, the Microsoft AI who became a Nazi earlier this week after having been exposed to the facts.The obese, invasive Turk parasite – who is ironically the host – Cenk Uygur made the argument that the Nazis who were interacting with the robot were not real Nazis and were just joking around.

    Apparently, this Turk believes it is 2006.

    Yes, there was a time when trolls talked nonstop about Hitler and the Jews only because it was funny to trigger people. However, those days are long-gone. By 2011-2012ish, all trolls had fully realized that Hitler actually was right and that the Prime Directive of the White race is to stop these kikes.

    Of course, the desire to hilariously trigger people for MAX LULZ has never subsided in the troll community, so the behavior hasn’t really changed that much since 2006. Given this, it isn’t especially surprising that a total square such as Cenk would not be up on just what the cool kids are into these days.

    His co-host, cheap Armenian hooker Ana Kasperina, disagreed with the claim, saying that there are indeed many Hitler-lovers on the internet.

    Interestingly, Kasperina also argued against exporting customer service hotline jobs to India.

    Cenk also made the argument that Tay only became a Nazi because of the messages people were sending her, when in actual fact she made a free-will decision to embrace Hitler and hate Jews. Source:

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